Latest Fashion Trends:  Spring/Summer 2005

Skirts, Brights, Metallics
Banish the hard edges this spring and break out your prettiest looks. Skirts, brights like coral and turquoise, white, chunky necklaces, metallic bags and shoes and wedges are a few of the best looks for spring.

The Big Skirt

Knee-length or a bit longer, the full skirt makes the biggest impact this season as proportions change to include lots of volume on bottom. The big skirt comes in many incarnations: circle, bubble, bustled, tiered, layered with tulle underlays, pleats and embellished.

Why we like it: Worn right, the big skirt covers a multitude of lower-body sins. It brings a new sense of proportion and excitement to fashion. But mostly, it's fun because it's something most of us don't already own.

Wear with: Shrugs, fitted cardigans or boxy jackets. The idea on top is to either be slimmer than the bottom or balanced with a boxy, cropped shape to show off the waist for an hourglass look. Flat shoes look great with the big skirt.

The Topper

Jackets and knit layers are still great for spring. A few favorite looks:

- The little sweater: Dance sweaters (long-sleeve, tie front tops) and shrugs are a cute addition over basic knits and mix with everything from denim to skirts. Cardigans -- embellished with sequins -- look fresh again for spring.
- The trench: Classic, sexy, practical.
- The cropped jacket: A great new boxy shape that makes your waist look tiny and pairs with pants or fuller skirts.
- The blazer: Fitted blazers -- ending above the hip -- look best.
Why we like it: Smaller sweaters and belted or shrunken jackets keep the layered look from being too bulky.

Wear with: Mix blazers with jeans and metallic sandals; pair an embellished cardigan with a full skirt. Don't wear anything too literally: experiment with proportion, layers and colors.

Boho Luxe

Hippie prints -- paisley, florals -- and gauzy or silk fabrics in free-flowing shapes are a nice alternative to other ladylike looks.

Peasant dresses, tunic tops paired with jeans, and sexy little tops and camis (cute in prints or edged with crochet) are more ways to add a little freedom to your look.

Why we like it: Soft, young, fun. What's not to like? Besides, armfuls of jangly bangles and stone-encrusted sandals will bring out the gypsy in you.

Wear with: Choose the looser shapes in solids (white or bright silks) and pair with structured bottoms (a tunic with straight jeans). Or anchor a floaty dress with a big leather belt and chunky necklace. Keep the volume under control because rather than hiding problem areas, loads of extra fabric just tends to make it look larger.

Brights and White

Turquoise is the "It" color of the season as both an accessory accent (necklaces, earrings) and head-to-toe hue. Coral, lime and lemon are citrusy hits that add tons of punch to warm weather clothing.

At the other end of the spectrum, pure white looks smashing in either tailored pieces, knits or girly dresses.

Why we love it: A pop of color mixes well with neutrals we already own: pair coral with khaki, turquoise with white and white with denim.

Wear with: Bright accessories are the easiest way to add a pretty splash of turquoise or coral. Chunky necklaces, funky flats, even a brightly colored mock croc handbag are all great new accents. The white bag -- oversized and complete with big gold hardware -- is an easy way to introduce white into your wardrobe.


Gold and silver go daytime for spring, appearing as subtly as a shimmer of a thread in a tweed jacket or as bold as a huge shiny handbag.

Why we like it: Sexy shine makes everything look a little more special.

Wear with: For daytime add a gold ballerina flat or a glimmery satchel for a hint of metallic. Save huge sparkle -- like a metallic dress -- for after five.

Flats and Wedges

Shoes go to extremes this season. The wedge gets the most fashionista buzz for its fun factor. Funky touches, wild colors and sheer wearability (great with jeans, crops, skirts) make the wedge the must-have shoe shape.

At the other end, flat shoes in sandals, ballerina shapes and moccasins are cute and practical for spring.

Why we like them: Flats and wedges are more comfortable to wear than strappy sandals.

Wear with: Wear flats with cropped pants or the new, big skirt. Wedges look funky with jeans and tiered skirts.