Adopting Celebrity Hairstyles

Every now and then, celebrities set the fashion trends and hairstyles that are followed by their fans. Celebrities make a fashion statement by sporting different, funky, trendy hair styles from short ones to elegant and long ones, from wavy or curly ones to up-styles. Such celebrity hairstyles cannot be sported by common people during regular days of work or school but are saved for special occasions like the weddings and betrothal for the reason that it is a very special moment to look like a celebrity and considering the costs involved in sporting it.

Celebrity hairstyles add sophistication and elegance to the reception or betrothal or wedding. They can be made practical or casual, or romantic long hair styles or modern short styles according to the individual's style. It is should be kept in mind that all celebrity hair styles won't suit everyone. It depends on the shape and structure of the face actually. The celebrities change their hairstyles constantly as they have a team of hair styling professionals taking care of their hair.

If the person has a long face, he cannot sport the long and sexy wave hairstyle of Jessica Alba. Short hair is back with a bang if the face looks like that of Kylie Minogue's. The person can sport a short and wispy hair style which will look sexy, stylish and up to date. Mistakes to be avoided while copying the celebrity hairstyles: Celebrity hairstyles require high maintenance and lot of time: Since celebrities have a team of hair care professionals, their hairstyle looks fabulous all day long. So, when copying a celebrity hair style it should be discussed beforehand with the hairstylist to find out how much time will be required to produce and the maintenance required in between getting the desired result.

Some celebrity hairstyles like that of Jennifer Lopez requires a minimum of 4 ? 5 hours for conditioning, straightening and ironing. The person should decide if he can go through the styling session and the cost involved for it. The celebrity hair style should suit the shape of the face who wants to sport it: The hairstyle sported by the celebrity can look very fabulous on him but will the same be good on any one else? Of course not, unless and until the person's face shape matches with that of the celebrity.

A person with oval face shape can sport a hair style of Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston. A person with a round face can follow Drew Barrymore or Kate Winslet. People with oblong or rectangular face can sport a hairstyle of Kirstie Alley or Gwyneth Paltrow. Square face people can follow the foot steps of Demi Moore or Sandra bullock etc. Sporting a hairstyle without even knowing how it will look on the person: A hairstyle which looks awkward on a person can cause embarrassment. Internet has made it easy to see how a hair style will look on the person by trying it virtually and see for him online using software specially designed for a make over.

Trying a celebrity hairstyle which does not suit one's hair type: If a person having curly hair wants to sport a dead straight hairstyle, it is a painstaking effect to him as well as the hairstylist. Instead he can opt for a hairstyle which suits the nature of his hair.

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