Silicon Wristbands Crack the Color Code

Detection of cancer can end the career of any athlete. But contrary may happen if the person is empowered with iron determination and this was precisely what happened with the celebrated cyclist Lance Armstrong. The diagnosis of cancer could not kill his spirit; he vowed to return to the track despite the terminating disease and he did so with a bang when he won the title of Tour de France cycling tournament. This great sportsman and wonderful human being started the Armstrong Foundation with an aim to spread positive attitude towards fighting cancer. He first pioneered the idea of combining philanthropy with fashion and designed the celebrated yellow bracelet with the slogan "Livestrong" written on it. The first lot of the bracelets flew off the shelf in no time and still a rage with the youth of the world.

This huge success of these bands represented Armstrong's passionate fight against the deadly disease and sparked off the trend where other charitable and other social institutions are successfully using silicone bracelets to promote their own causes. Armstrong's yellow bracelet has evolved a lot. Today the silicon bracelets are one of the hottest fashion accessories. They are inexpensive, yet attractive and durable. In fact, the silicon bracelets have become a must have accessory for the young generation who want to don a cool look.

Now, these bands come in myriad colors starting from red to bright yellow, pink, orange, blue and purple and many others. Different colors usually represent different causes. Let's discuss about the significance of different colors in wristbands. Black and White: To start with the most basic color, these wristbands are relatively new in the family of wristbands. They signify fighting against racism that seems to be on rise in the post 9/11 world.

The black and white on the band represents the co-existence human beings belonging to different races. Red: They support the AIDS research and AIDS victims. They also signify support for the cause of mothers against drunk driving and anti child abuse. Pink: These bands famously build up awareness about breast cancer.

Purple: Animal lovers flaunt these wristbands. The proceeds from the sell of these bands are used to raise funds to end cruelty against animals. Orange: These bands are worn to support campaign for no-smoking.

They are meant to provide moral support and encouragement for them going through the quitting process. Green Bands: These are the weapons in the hands of the environmentalists. The activists engaged in the movement for preservation of Rainforest also flaunt them. It is also used by Tsunami Relief Groups.

The silicon wrist bands come in many more colors as light blue, white and rainbow to name a few. Flaunting a precious jewelry, you can make great fashion statement, but by flaunting a silicon wristband you can rise above clich, for it speaks of your social awareness.

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