Aging and Anti Aging The Fact and Fiction

You start to experience aging within minutes of being born your body starts to change and from then on until the day you die your body will be constantly changing initially due to development and then through aging. This means that body has already to start to function less effectively.The body makes these changes on it's own which at this stage most people will hardly notice but are the first indicators of the body starting to slowly age. The musculoskeletal system is the first area that most age related diseases and illnesses start.

For this reason once, a person turns 35 years of age regardless of their activities, athletic nature, they become more likely to be effected by aging. Still it is possible to reduce such age related diseases and ilnesses by avoiding injuries to the muscles and joints, and living a healthy life. This can be achieved by where possible preventing accidental damage, abuse such as drinking or taking drugs to excess and also smoking. Your health can be improved by increased levels of exercise, healthy eating adopting a positive outlook on life and hanging aound with positive people. Visiting your doctor is essential to prevent disease and control the accelerating of the effects of aging as well.

When you visit your doctor, he'll takes the time to study your physical status and look at your family health history. The doctor will consider any hereditary diseases and consider if required any cures or preventative measures are needed and if appropriate treatment to help you avoid disease and prevent premature aging. As we discussed the body has already started significant aging by age 35 at which time your sensory organs may show signs of wear and tear. One example of this is the ability to read things close up which is caused by a weakening of the eye muscle know as presbyopia. It is not uncommon to find people everywhere wearing glasses and contact lenses beyond the age of 40. In America it is estimated around 90 million people suffer from presbyopia.

But equally it seems the aging of some people under 35 will already have started as more people of 35 and younger need assistance with their vision than ever before. On top failing eye sight you might also experience some hearing loss. Although not that common some people may even be deaf by age 40 and most notice some partial hearing loss.

This is a condition know as presbycusis which is directly related to aging. One effect of this condition might be certain sounds become in audible or sound harsh or just to loud. Previously you might have enjoyed a good rock concert but now you find the sound you once loved too much for your ears to cope with. Or if one time you'd visit a night club and your ears used to ring when you left but then stop in a few minutes but now you find it takes several hours. You might even find conversations hard to listen to especially if there is a lot of background noise.

Since the hearing is now weaker,you might experience speech changes. For instance, the use of K may sound distorted, which affects how you hear it. In other words, a older person with partial deafness may here the CH in a word, such as Chute Up, and think that someone is telling them to shut-up. The CH becomes distorted. Those with extreme hearing difficulties can learn to recognise signs and body languages to help them relate. Some people with partial deafness can also benefit from hearing aids, or assistive listening devices to boost their hearing.

Of course age related reduction in function is just part of healthy aging, but sadly in todays modern world there are also many signs of unhealthy aging. Lets for example look at the possibility of contracting cancer as smoker or maybe even working in a smoky environment and been exposed to passive smoking that is not how nature was designed to work. As your body continues to age and approaches 40 years or so it is common for your body weight to increase.

This is very common where families have a background of poor diet and a history of family weight problems. This is because the body stores more fat around 30% and needs less energy. On top of that wrinkles start becoming visble and other previously unnoticable signs of aging start to show.

Do you know the indications of aging and how can you slow them down? Find out how you can control or even turn back the aging process by taking the Am I aging too fast quiz today.Now you can stop the biological clock ticking.

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