Are You After A Home Remedy To Remove Stretch Marks

There are some very effective oils and home remedies for stretch marks that both minimize their effect and their appearance over time. You can make them virtually invisible and very hard to see to the naked eye and there is a lot that you can do, especially in the comfort and privacy of your own home, to limit the impact that they will have on your life with natural solutions and a home remedy for stretch marks. Stretch marks occur anywhere and everywhere on the body.

They are the result of what we will call expansion and contraction, as a result of demands made on it to adapt, adjust and stretch over our lifetime. They most commonly occur as a result of cells, membranes and walls getting pulled, stretched beyond capacity and demand, until eventually they give and break. Both men and women get them. Stretch marks affect people of all ages and people of both sexes.

Girls and women, men and young adults, even athletes and body builders can get them as a side-effect to bulking up too quickly. Many online sources quote the statistics of occurrence as high as 70% of teenage girls and as high as 90%+ of all pregnant women. They are a skin phenomenon and, as a result, by eating right, you can help preserve and restore that healthy appearance of a system in optimal health and the peak of functioning. To illustrate this point further: Vitamin E, for example, is a great warrior in the on-going fight against stretch marks. It does not only have to be a main ingredient in topical treatments and lotions, but also on the menu and in the dishes we consume on a regular basis.

It's important to include many sources of Vitamin E in your diet and to pay attention to eating plenty of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, low-fat foods. Vitamins that are great contributors to the appearance and qualities of your skin are C, E, A and zinc. Your genes determine what your skin conditioning will be like throughout your life.

Tone and smoothness are coded for the most part into your DNA, your genetic markers. There is, however, a lot you can do with what nature has bestowed upon you to improve the condition of your skin and your stretch marks with some very effective home remedies. Do any, some or all of the following on a regular (preferably habitual routine!): Applying a moisturizer or vitamin E to the skin once or twice a day can make all the difference in the world; ensure you have a sufficient intake of vitamins daily; ensure your skin is not dry and chapped, stretched or overworked; take care to prevent them from happening in the first place; work for elasticity and moisture inside and out. There are many natural ways and household products that you can use to create your own topical treatments; things that you lather on, massage and apply to your skin to moisturize and nourish it.

Herbal, natural and organic products and alternative treatments are all the rave in the market right now. Some sufferers resort to invasive and costly; others take matters into their own hands mixing home remedies; some pick topical treatments that are meant to make all the difference. Some opt for surgery and skin peels - all in the hope of getting rid of stretch marks! Gels can minimize scarring and stimulate skin to grow, repair and replenish moisture, tone and conditioning. Vitamin C and E are good ingredients to have in any gel-type, cooling topical treatment. There are many different ways to deal with stretch marks and often it is the method that is the most light on the pocketbook that gets the most attention.

The hunt and search for effective treatments continue. There are some very effective oils and home remedies for stretch marks that both minimize their effect and their appearance over time. Home-made scrubs and exfoliators are also highly effective too.

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