Buying A Sapphire Ring

The word sapphire originates for the hebrew word sapir most people think that a sapphire ring would be blue however this is a common misconception a sapphire ring can come in a variety of colours including purple, green and yellow. Sapphires are the perfect gem for rings, they are extremely durable and almost as tough as a diamond. If you purchase a sapphire ring you will be rest assured that it can withstand more than most gem stones. Sapphires are the birthstone for the month of september, If you are buying a sapphire ring for an engagement, what better month to propose than that of its birthstone. A purple sapphire often costs less than the traditional blue sapphire but bear in mind the shape of the sapphire will also affect the cost, most often the round sapphires being slightly more costly than the pear cut or marquis.

When buying a sapphire ring the costs can vary dramatically depending on the size, shape and setting. It is always wise to set yourself a budget before heading out and purchasing a sapphire ring. Have a look on the internet to get some idea of the style you are looking for, think carefully about the person who will be wearing the ring to make sure they will be happy with what they receive and that it will suit them for example a petite person would suite a more simple ring rather than a large heavy sapphire ring.

a younger lady may prefer a pink sapphire ring. Choose who you purchase your sapphire ring from wisely, ask for recommendations from friends and family, make sure the dealer is willing to spend some time with you and listen to your requirements before you part with your money. If you decide to purchase your sapphire ring over the internet make sure that they have a returns policy in place and that you can return the ring if it is not what you thought it was, also check there are no costs incurred should this happen and you do decide to return the sapphire ring. Make sure you use a secure payment method when purchasing over the internet, never give you bank details unless you are 100% sure the company is reportable, the most common safe method for online payment is pay pal. Make sure you keep documents and copies of any emails or correspondence once the payment has been made.

If the sapphire ring is for engagement then remember at some point the ring will be worn along side another so you do not want them to clash or for one to outstand the other. Make sure you have a good look around before you make your decision there is a huge range of designs and you need to make sure you have chosen the perfect one. Which ever design of ring you choose I am sure the lucky lady will be more than happy to receive a classy and unique sapphire ring.

Vicki Churchill writes for several sites including Diamond And Sapphire Rings including how, where & what to buy.

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