Color Contacts Review

Are you in the market for something that will really jazz up your appearance? Why not begin with your eyes? How about the ablility to enhance or totally change their color? Join the multitude of people who have discovered the absoulute joy of color contacts; enabling them to change their eye color on a whim.every day if so desired. But hold on a minute.Before choosing your color contacts there are certain things that will be mighty helpful in making an informed purchase. With your choice of a multitude of Color Contact Lenses in the market place, you will have no trouble finding the exact color and tint you desire.

Choosing just the right color for you depends upon a few things like: the natural color of your eyes and hair, the shade of your skin and basically how much of a color difference you desire. Color Contacts come in many styles. Basically there are two different categories of color contact lenses: opaque and tinted.

The difference between them is pretty significant; On the one hand the Tinted Contacts harmonize with the natural color of your eyes producing a very subtle changing effect; on the other hand Opaque Contacts create a very distinct transformation in color particularly evident in darker eyes. Summing up then, the lightest of tints intensify the natural color of your eyes without altering them, and at the same time, opaque lenses can totally alter the color of even the darkest of eyes. With the drastic improvement in design technology over the humble beginnings of color contact lenses, the new color selections appear un-artificial and totally natural-instead of being monochromatic (one color). This new technology joins together at least three different shades of color producing very subtle and natural depth. Let's examine the different contacts going from the lowest degree of color to the highest 1. Visibility Tints.

This is the lowest level of tint and does not affect the eye color, but is especially useful when a lens is accidentally dropped--this slight tint coloring makes it much easier to find. Have you ever seen a group of people down on their hands and knees looking for something in the grass? Ten to one it was a contact lense. If it was a clear lens Forget it! If the lens happens to be a color contact lens there is greater chance of recovery. 2. Enhancement Tints.

These lenses are a little darker than the Visibility Tints composed of translucent colors intended for the enhancement of the natural eye color. 3. Color Tint.these are the darker and more opaque tints that are found in numerous specialty colors like violet hazel, aqua, turquoise, and amethyst. They even have wild specialty color contacts that are worn for special occasions like Halloween -which feature cat and reptile eyes. Wow what a way to make a lasting impression eh? As you can plainly see (no pun intended) if you are contemplating joining the color contacts generation, there is surely a color contact out there that will definitely "tickle your fancy.


Allen Hawkins loves seeing the world through rose colored contacts and believes everyone should.. Come on over and add sizzle to your life with color contacts at colorcontactsreview

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