Concealer Conceal Your Faults

A concealer is a type of makeup used to cover pimples, spots, blemishes and neutralize pigment irregularities. Providing more coverage than a foundation, concealer is ideal for camouflaging facial imperfections. It will neutralize and balance the look of a blemish particularly those dreaded under-eye circles. The right concealer can camouflage just about every imperfection and give you flawless skin. Gently tap the concealer on with fingertips or brush on with a soft flat brush.

Anyone who has less than perfect skin needs a good concealer. Concealer should cover the entire under-eye, including outside of eye to give it lift. The outside of the eye is also prone to redness and dryness. Choose concealers that are one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. The main purpose is to make a darker spot blend into your complexion. Liquid concealer is highly recommended for dry skin and for concealing large areas like under-eye circles.

Solid concealer is commonly used to hide stubborn pimples, scars and bruises. When liquid or solid cream foundation is used, best results are obtained by using concealer afterwards. Match it to the shade of the cream foundation. When using a cream and powder foundation, concealer should go on first.

But sometimes concealer may be all you need to balance out your complexion as many women forego the foundation, set their concealer with powder and that's it. Adding yellow eye shadow to concealer or foundation will conceal dark circles. It will color-correct dark undertones while concealing.

Green or blue eye shadow added to concealer or foundation will correct ruddy tones and broken capillaries. Even the residue in the cap of your foundation sometimes serves as the perfect concealer. It's slightly dehydrated, making it just the right amount to conceal. And of course, it matches your foundation naturally.

Sometime it even helps to keep 2 or 3 shades of concealer on hand where you can always blend them with your fingertips before applying to get the best shade. Also, make sure your skin is moisturized, but not greasy. It will allow for the best application of the product. Concealers come in various forms like a squeezable tube or in a tube with a built-in brush-tipped wand applicator or an emollient-based, lightweight, creamy, discreetly opaque concealer or as a stick concealer which helps in direct on the spot application or a pencil-style concealer designed for instant, precise application. Each of the above comes in various shades and about a dozen are readily available.

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