Considering breast augmentation or breast implants

Breast augmentation or breast implants to increase or balance breast size is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures carried out in the UK today. Having surgery to get larger breasts involves the surgical insertion of small, fluid filled pads that are contoured to follow the natural shape of your breasts and are most commonly made of silicon. So why are so many women choosing to have their bodies altered under the surgeon's knife? For the vast majority of women who undertake a breast augmentation or have surgery to get larger breasts, it is a life choice which can help to improve their self confidence and self esteem, especially when an individual is particularly self conscious about the size or shape of their breasts. "I have always tried my best to take care of myself, watching my diet and taking plenty of exercise - but, despite a happy marriage, I always felt that I was somewhat lacking in the breasts department and it made me feel less confident in myself, both with my husband in the bedroom and when I was out socially.

I would always try and find clothes that didn't accentuate my chest and highlight my size A cup size, which seemed terribly small in relation to the rest of me. I know it might sound ridiculous to some people, but I didn't have the confidence to just go up to people at parties, especially if I didn't know them well and engage them in conversation. Now I do." Four years ago, Susan had breast implants fitted as a Christmas present and she hasn't looked back. "I finally have the breasts I have always wanted, and I cannot tell you the difference it has made to my marriage and to my social life. Now you cant shut me up, and my love life has never been so good!" Breast augmentation surgery should not be entered into lightly though; whilst great strides have been made in surgical techniques in recent years, anyone undertaking a breast augmentation should expect some discomfort and bruising as a result of their surgery, and it may take several months for scars to heal and fade, and for the breast shape to settle.

First and foremost, choosing a surgeon who is a member of BAAPS or BAPRAS will ensure that your surgery will be carried out by an expert surgeon, as membership is limited to consultants who have spent at least six years practicing within the NHS as a Consultant plastic surgeon, which means that their training and experience is more likely to be thorough and up to date. The Landauer Cosmetic Surgery Group however offer the advantage of a free initial telephone consultation with an expert cosmetic surgeon at the outset, so that you can discuss your needs and have your full questions answered without even leaving home - saving you time, hassle and money. Additionally, the Landauer Cosmetic Surgery Group use only BAAPS and BAPRAS surgeons working out of the highest quality private hospitals all over the country giving you peace of mind that your procedure will only be carried out in a fully equipped hospital rather than a 'clinic'. To arrange a free telephone consultation with Landauer Cosmetic Surgery Group, visit www.

landauercosmeticsurgery.co.uk or for further information about breast implants or breast augmentation visit www.landauercosmeticsurgery.co.


Marcus Landauer is an expert consultant with over 12 years experience in cosmetic surgery and breast enlargement surgery.

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