Get In Shape with US Navy SEAL Fitness Programs

The US Navy SEALs are an elite division of the US military and as such they require peak physical condition and suitability for deployment in the most demanding circumstances. For a job like this, very few are suitable and that is why every Navy SEAL must be able to pass rigorous fitness tests to show they are up for the job. US Navy SEAL training programs are very intense and although they are tailored specifically for military personnel, they are great for anyone who is looking to get in shape, shed those extra pounds or even prepare for whatever sports they participate in.

What Benchmarks must a Navy SEAL attain? There are many benchmarks that a Navy SEAL must pass in order to be suitable for military deployment. Some of these can be achieved through rigorous training, while others such as eyesight are more to do with nature than nurture. These include?.

The ability to be able to swim 50 meters underwater! That is 2 lengths of an average size swimming pool without lifting your head for a breath. The ability to swim 1.2KM in a time period of under 45 minutes, which means each length of a swimming pool, must be completed in less than 1 minute.

The ability to swim 2 miles in an ocean in under 75 minutes! One difficult part of this task can be how cold the ocean is at the time of completion. The ability to run 14 miles! This is over half the length of a full marathon. As well as physical training a Navy SEAL must pass academic exams to be suitable as well. The above mentioned activities are great for anyone looking to train for swimming, wrestling, athletics or any other high endurance sport. Being able to do things such as hold your breath for long periods of time can increase your cardiovascular strength considerably while swimming long distances can work all muscle groups and allow you to have sustainable endurance. What diet does a Navy SEAL have? Navy SEALS have diets that are designed to have them in peak physical condition when they have to perform.

Because it is important that they remain hydrated drugs such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are out of the question because they cause dehydration which in turn causes them to have less energy and require more fluid intake when it may cause disadvantages. In order to attain peak performance, SEALs consume a break down of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the following fractions ? Protein ? 2/10ths Carbohydrates ? 5/10ths Fat ? 3/10ths Protein can be consumed through foods such as red meats, whilst carbohydrates can be consumed through pasta and potatoes for example. Fat intake is still important for Navy SEALs however they will not put on weight as they will burn it off and transfer any excess fat into muscle.

Having a Navy SEAL diet or participating in a Navy SEAL fitness program can help you to attain peak physical fitness that will help you to live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

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