How affordable are cancer wigs

Cancer patients have a lot to deal with: from the sickness to the medication, from the stress to the change in lifestyle. But many of them admitted that hair loss was one of the most terrifying aspects. Wearing monofilament wigs to cover the hair loss was not always an option to everyone, as good cancer wigs can be quite pricey. If you are looking for a wig for yourself or someone dear who is dealing with chemotherapy, there may be more solutions than you thought. A good place to start would be the Yellow Pages or web searches, which should help you find what you need. If you can't find a local wig store you can call the local chapter of the Cancer Society.

They can refer you to the local wig sources which offer the best cancer wigs. Contacting the Cancer Society is a great idea because you can also find out about programs that allow you to get wigs for free or at discount prices. When it comes to prices, it depends on what type of wig you are looking for.

Whether they are costume wigs or wigs you can wear everyday to pass as natural hair, wigs can vary widely in style, price, and application. Monofilament wigs are excellent, as they allow the natural color of the scalp skin to be seen. These specially constructed wigs can be made either from synthetic or natural hair. Although they may cost substantially more than their synthetic counter parts, human hair wigs are the most natural, realistic wigs available.

Depending on length and brand, these human hair products can run anywhere from one hundred to several hundred dollars. The brick and mortar retail stores where you can find them will usually let you try them on for free. However, some will make you buy a wig cap (which costs about one dollar) and give you a limit of how many you can try on. As cancer wigs are worn to resemble natural hair and hairstyles, they will often be pricier than the rest. Whether you buy monofilament wigs or other types, you should invest in wig caps, bobby pins and regular hair pins and practice putting them on. Some people prefer to wear cancer wigs without shaving their hair off, for fear of being itchy.

On the other hand, others shave their hair off for better fit and breath-ability. If you have no intention on showing what's under the wig then crop off some more hair a little and see if you like the fit. By cropping a bit more, you can see whether the lace is noticeable or not. If it's not noticeable, then you also can try cutting the rest of the hair off. Most people will have no idea that you are wearing a wig, even if you have no hair underneath.

Ask someone around you to take a look. You will be surprised at how well these monofilament wigs fit. When you first start using a wig you may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, and may tempted not to use it again. But since it has been proven that cancer wigs can help boost patients' self esteem, you should definitely give it more than one try. If you don't have anyone nearby to help you with your wig, you can try contacting on line companies that sell wigs.

In general, established online wig resellers are good at answering questions and can help a lot.

Cancer wigs are the perfect option for people undergoing chemotherapy and medical hair loss. Monofilament wigs can be especially suitable in helping patients deal with the self-esteem issues associated with excessive hair loss.

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