How Can You Prevent Acne Breakouts Once and For All

The reality is that all acne sufferers wish that they had clear beautiful skin. Acne can really plague a sufferer physically and emotionally. As a result there is an abundance of information out there on so called miracle cures and expensive concoctions that supposedly can get rid of your acne breakouts once and for all. However, many of these are just taking advantage of a sufferers weak emotional state as unfortunately acne cures don't currently exist. So if you are suffering from acne breakouts and looking for solutions to manage your acne here are some useful tips.

Start a food diary. Many people would be surprised to note that some foods just don't react well with your body and can be a cause of some of your breakouts. If there is a particular food that is causing you breakouts then wouldn't you want to know so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to give it up or not? This could save you many years of unnecessary heart ache and pain of suffering with acne with a simple change in your diet.

While there are many wives tales of particular foods like chocolate causing acne the reality is that there is no comprehensive study that supports this claim. What you want to do is work out which foods correlate with your acne breakouts as your body is unique to you. Over time if you consistently see breakouts occurring after eating certain foods then you can start by experimenting to see what happens to your breakouts once you stop eating that food for a period of time.

Drink more water. You have no doubt heard this one before. Your body is made up largely of water and it serves a vital part in cleansing your body and keeping you healthy.

So it would stand to reason that if you want to have healthy skin you want to be drinking plenty of water. You should be consuming something close to 8 cups of water a day. Drinking tea, coffee or juice doesn't count. It needs to be pure water, preferably filtered if at all possible.

Have a consistent cleansing routine. Start and implement a consistent cleansing routine for your face that you can be happy with. Find a gentle cleanser, toner and an acne preventative solution that you can use for your routine. Do away with soap when it comes to your face as it tends to dry out your face to much and agitates your skin. A gentle cleanser that you can buy from the local shops can suffice, you don't need any of the expensive marketed ones.

Once you have your products you need to clean your face twice a day, washing your face more than that daily doesn't do you any good and may even result in more breakouts. If you are having quite severe breakouts you want to continue with your washing routine while also consulting a doctor or dermatologist. They can assist you with either anti-bacterial medication or even stronger medications that can bring your acne under control.

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