How is Lipsense Different and Better

As LipSense is different from normal cosmetic products so one is often keen in knowing how it works? The fact that it is produced by one of the leading cosmetics companies that is SeneGence which is known for its innovative products makes it all the more interestingly different! The best feature of LipSense is that it's a permanent lip color and stays for whole day. It doesn't stick to your teeth and never comes off your lips. Now no more coffee mug marks or marks on glasses making you project a classy image! Why that LipSense never comes off lips? Basically it's a biological property of lips that they exfoliate after every 10 hours or so. LipSense works intelligently by adhering permanently to the top layer of the skin. So the color remains for 8-10 hours and comes out only with exfoliation of the skin. So that's how it works.

Intelligent, isn't it? As the underlying skin is never affected by exfoliation of the skin above and so LipSense is not harmful. Added it works as a moisturizer and hence is even a medical boon for lips. As it is made up of shea butter so it makes the lips healthier and look glossy by entering in several underlying layers of skin of lips.

Shea butter also helps in curing chapped lips. LipSense makes a woman more confident and modern giving a classy touch to her personality. Any glycerin toiletries can be used to wipe it off your lips. These amazing features of LipSense have fascinated a lot of women all over the world and made one-time users its permanent users.

Who doesn't want to have a big beautiful smile? And if you don't get it naturally LipSense promises you to give it in the natural way! These liquid colors are way ahead other counterparts as they hardly create smudge and water doesn't affect them and stays for whole day in any possible situation making women feel care free. LipSense's new range of Diamond collection is an innovative and unique range of shades. This range is called autumn season range as sparkle; glitter and luster are all in one product.

LipSense is different from lip-gloss as lip-gloss is applied over a lipstick and LipSense works as both! Browns and purples are suggested for full-size lips whereas the women of dark complexion should try darker and wine shades. Hence LipSense is the best deal!.

To shop lipsense lipsticks and lipsense products log on to www.lipsdiva.com

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