How To Identify Treat And Prevent Liver Spots

Liver spots are a form of Hyperpigmentation and they are generally caused by too much sun exposure. They are also known as Lentigines or age spots and they usually take a few years to develop. They usually appear as small, dark spots which are often found on the hands or the face which are the most exposed body parts in the sun. The main question people want to know the answer to when they do develop these liver spots is how do I get rid of them? Well, it is not always possible to eliminate the spots altogether, but there are treatments available to reduce their appearance.

Liver Spots and How to Successfully Reduce Their Appearance Liver spots are often associated with older skin and most people think that they develop due to age, but in fact they are actually developed through sun exposure. Although they mostly appear on the face and the arms and hands, they can also be found on the chest, the back and more uncommonly on the legs and torso. They generally occur when the skin is trying to protect itself against the sun exposure, and as a result too much melanin is produced.

Melanin is what causes different color in the skin such as freckles and uneven tanning. Liver spots can also occur from spending too much time on sunbeds which provide high UV levels which damage the skin. Bad health can also be to blame as well as problems with the liver.

The reason they mainly occur during older people, is because they do take many years to develop and it literally takes years of sun exposure to cause them to appear. Whilst liver spots are not dangerous in any way, they can be an early symptom of skin cancer so you really should look for any changes within them. Things such as a color change or a size change should be checked out immediately by a doctor.

There are a few treatments available which can help to reduce the appearance of liver spots, and one of those is Super Strength Lightener which contains Kojic Acid. Kojic Acid is a natural ingredient which effectively lightens the skin. It has been used for years to help with all kinds of health problems and it is less irritating than another treatment called Hydroquinone. Super Strength Lightener comes in gel form and it also contains whole leaf Aloe Vera and witch hazel extract. Hydroquinone is generally sold in over the counter products such as gels and creams, and if bought over the counter it is quite mild.

It is a really common treatment and it has been proven to be extremely effective, though for more severe cases of liver spots, a doctor will be able to prescribe you with a higher dose treatment which should reduce the spots appearance. Natural remedies such as buttermilk are said to help too and often they are a lot gentler on the skin than shop bought or prescribed medicines. With buttermilk you simply rub it over the spots and the lactic acid within the milk tends to be beneficial to the skin. Castor oil is another good one which is said to reduce the spots appearance after around a month when you rub it into the spots twice daily. Dandelions are also said to help. All you do is find a dandelion, snap open the stem and rub the sap onto the spots.

Do this two to three times a day and you should notice a difference after around a month. Overall there are quite a few natural remedies as well as traditional treatments which can help to reduce and occasionally remove liver spots altogether. It is always better to consult a doctor before starting any treatment, as they will be able to give you a prper diagnosis and treatment to suit you.

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