Kitten Heels Sex Appeal With Plus Size Lingerie

You're all dolled up in your leopard print teddy just waiting for your husband to get home. You're feeling a little bit naughty and sexy and full of anticipation. You look at yourself in the mirror and smile at the way you've accessorized yourself. You plump up your hair and put on a dab of your most provocative perfume because you know it's your husband's favorite scent. Feeling like the sexiest woman to walk the earth, you can't help but to admire your pedicure. Red, polished toes mesh perfectly with your choice of lingerie, an ankle bracelet is a nice touch.

Something inside you is nagging, despite it all, you feel as if something essential is missing. What is making you incomplete? Ah yes! - shoes! In a mad dash you slip on the petite kitten heels you purchased to complete your sexy ensemble. You are once again whole! Kitty heels that more often called kitten heels are a dressy heel that are slim in size and demure in height, well under three inches. It must not rise above two inches actually to be considered this type of heel.

These heels are usually slightly curved so that the curve is not directly plush with the back of the shoe, instead, it is more near the arch area of the shoe. These heels are classified as a stiletto heel type and when the shoe carries this type of heel it also is likely to have a pointed toe, which is supposed to further its sex appeal. The shoes that are typically chosen to sport kitten heels are frequently mules, sandals or dress shoes of the type with several straps. In the latter 1950' Audrey Hepburn helped cause the shoe to rise in popularity. Kitten heels are the best shoe to wear with any type of lingerie. For example, in the scenario just mentioned, you might want to wear an open toe kitten heel that has a leopard print motif that would match your outfit and display your sexy pedicure.

On a day when you are feeling more demure and decide to slip into a pastel colored chemise such as one that is pink, baby blue, soft green or light yellow, you might want to choose a neutral colored pair of kitty heels to complete the outfit. If you plan to walk around your home in them you would be wise to not buy a pair with too high a heel as accidents can easily happen. Floors are slippery and staircases can be difficult to negotiate in heels. Kitten heels are a very fashionable shoe for women of every size. This shoe is often embellished with beaded detail, colorful designs, sequins, and feathers. Kitten heels are a must when playing dress up with a partner.

They add a special touch to a French maid or nurse's costume. Kitten heels are the number one shoe choice to pair with lingerie. Kitten heels can be worn both in and out of the bedroom.

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