Latest Ugg Styles What Is There

With spring almost upon us Uggs Australia have chosen now to release some really great new styles. What you will notice is that many of these latest Ugg styles that are being introduced look nothing whatsoever like the boots that we normally associate with this company. Today they have introduced a wide a varied range of shoes including ballet flats, sandals and wedged espadrilles. Below we take a look at three of the new styles now available and which are proving to be extremely popular. The cheapest pair of shoes in this range will only set you back $30 whilst the others cost no more then $100. The first new style of Uggs that we are looking at in this article is the Amelie.

This is an espadrille with a wedged heel and so will add more height to those women who choose to wear them. The main part of the espadrille is made from suede and rope and still offers you the touch of sheepskin even if only to the forefront of the shoe. However, this does mean that the area of your foot that has most pressure placed upon it when wearing them will feel comfortable at all times. The Amelie comes in a variety of different colors and you can select from either black, blue, chocolate, cream or my personal preference dusty rose. Each pair of shoes also comes with a long linen lace that allows you to choose exactly how you want to wear them.

These style will look just right either with a long or short skirt or dress as well as with jeans. The next pair of shoes that we are going to be looking at and which are proving to be popular are the Florance. This is a very unique looking ballet shoe, which is made from soft suede and has a leather outsole which has the rubber Ugg Sun logo on them and which also provides you with traction.

This style of shoe comes in a number of different neutral colors and can be worn with just about anything. They also have a small bow tie detail on the front just like you would find on a normal pair of ballet shoes. When it comes to what color you get you have a choice between get either a cream, black, chocolate or blush pair.

The final new styles of Uggs that we are looking at in this article and the cheapest at only $30 a pair is the Fluffie. Even though cheap, you will still be provided with the same high quality comfort and luxury that you expect from any pair of Uggs. Certainly if you are looking for the must have shoes for spring these are the ones. Again just with all of Ugg styles you have a number of different colors to choose from there is just black ones or you may prefer to buy a pair of the chestnut and natural brown or the sand and lotus brown ones. If you want to buy any of the latest Ugg styles that we have written about in this article it is crucial that you know that should be aware that Uggs Australia have placed restrictions on just how many shoes anyone household can purchase from them. Today you are now only able to purchase five pairs of any one particular style of footwear from Uggs at a time.

This is to help prevent the same problem that occured just before Christmas when people will buying up lots of pairs of the Ugg Classic Cardy Boot and resulted in them selling out completely.

Would you like to find out more about these very popular fashion footwear then please visit Ugg Heaven by clicking on the link swaysn. Here you would find out more about ways to care for your Uggs as well as where they can be found.

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