Lip Color By SeneGence Lipsense

Every girl today wants to look good. They use a lot of cosmetics to make themselves beautiful. They take a lot of pains to improve their looks like straightening their hair, whitening their complexion using creams and making their lips lustrous using lip sense and lip gloss. Here we will discuss about their lips. The girls use lip sense to make their lips most kissable, attractive and lustrous. Lipsense is a product manufactured by SeneGence and is called SeneGence lipsense.

SeneGence lipsense is a semi permanent lip color which imparts a particular color to the girl's lips on a temporary basis. Since SeneGence lip sense is semi permanent, so, it leaves an option for the girl who applies it on her lips that she wants to sleep without removing it or not. She can remove the color while removing rest of the make-up at night before sleeping or she can sleep with that color on her lips and when she wakes up the color looks as fresh as it was while sleeping or when it was applied to the lips. This lip sense lasts for many days unless it is removed by the girl itself.

Moreover it contains substances which do not let the lips to get dried up. This means it can remain on the lips of a girl for many days and yet it will not dry the lips up. Those substances will keep on moisturizing the lips and make lips as beautiful and shining as they can be made. Lip sense has proved to be the best lip color for the working woman as well as the homemaking woman today. Today most of the lip colors contain wax and resins or both.

Chemically wax is a product of distillation of petroleum. As petroleum creams causes the skin to develop cracks on drying, similarly, wax also develops cracks on the lips when it gets dried. So most of the lip sticks are not able to act as moisturizing agent for the lips and they cannot provide required moisture content to the lips to make them shine and more attractive.

Instead lip sense can be applied which contains oils which penetrate the epidermal layer and keeps the lips moisturized from the inside resulting in more shininess and attractiveness of the lips. It also heals the dry and cracked lip which was caused by the previous lip stick. It patches up the cracks and makes them soft again. So lip sense can be a great advantage over the traditional lip stick used by most of the girls.

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