Male Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia Get Ready For Summer

Tired of wearing a t-shirt to the pool or beach? You are not alone. Many men feel extremely self-conscious about the size of their breasts. The condition is known as Gynecomastia and is more common than you think. There are many different causes for the condition, ranging from genetics to drug use, although some of the most common causes are obesity and aging. Sometimes exercise and weight loss can improve the appearance, but many men find that surgery is the only option.

Gynecomastia, especially when developed early in life, can wreak havoc on self-esteem and body image. Men will distance themselves from activities that involve revealing the problem and may feel less masculine. It can be a sensitive subject to reveal to others, which can cause isolation and emotional distress. Even approaching a plastic surgeon with the problem can be a daunting task.

If you have come to terms with your condition and are ready to seek help, then cosmetic surgery procedure for male breast reduction can transform your self image and help you regain self-esteem. The first step is a check up from your regular physician, to ensure that there are no underlying causes that you may be unaware of. Certain drugs, medications, and disease can all cause the growth of breasts in men, so it is important to rule out other possible treatment options.

If plastic surgery is the best option for you, the procedures that will be performed are breast reduction, liposuction, or a combination of the two. During the surgery, excess tissue will either be removed or sucked out via liposuction. The areola and nipple will be repositioned, if necessary. Sometimes excess skin must be removed as well, to create the most aesthetically pleasing appearance. The incisions are made in discreet areas and near the natural lines and curves of the body. This allows most of them to blend in, but depending on the individual case, there is a chance that some scarring will be visible.

Post male breast reduction surgery, the recovery may be uncomfortable for a week or two. You will be sent home with dressings and in some cases a tube that drains excess fluids from the area. After two weeks or so, you can return to most normal activities. As with all surgeries, there are possible risks involved with male breast reduction. Bleeding, bruising, and infection are all possible risks.

Increased nipple sensitivity or numbness has been known to occur in a small number of cases.

There is no reason to stay indoors all summer, hiding your body from the world. Gynecomastia can be corrected, giving you the flat, chiseled chest you have always wanted. Rather than continuing to feel shame or embarrassment, take the time to research surgeons and educate yourself on the condition and procedure. Not only will this give you more confidence to go forward and change your life, but also, it will increase your chances of a successful surgery.

Most insurance companies will not cover the cosmetic surgery. However, today there are many affordable financing options available to treat Gynecomastia.


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