Natural Collagen Colvita for Natural Health Youth and Beauty from Within

When we are young, our pituitary glands secret large amounts of GH The substance produced by the body and known as Growth Hormone. The hormone steadily decreases and the emphasis transfer to collagen when it comes to the aging process. The collagen in the body converts its protein molecules into essential amino acids that are required in the body. Some of the body's most vital maintenance functions depend on collagen. Whether the body can efficiency rebuild and repair itself is dependent upon its ability to convert one body resource into another. Collagen is the catalyst to start the metabolic process of protein synthesis.

As Colagen diminishes in the body, both the resource and the catalyst are reduced. While our minds are resting, lost in dreams, doctors say our body is hard at work repairing the damage caused by normal activity. It has long been known that the body switches gears shortly after we fall asleep. It moves from its normal, active-involvement state to a rebuilding-and-maintenance state. While we sleep, our bodies attempt to locate any available collagen and other important nutrients so that they can be converted into the vital materials that the body needs.

In the May 2008 issue in the Archives of Dermatology, which was published by researchers at the University of Michigan, shows positive results for health, beauty, and anti-aging treatments that focus on rebuilding and replenishing collagen. The University's Department of Dermatology team which includes Gary Fisher, James Varani, each with a PhD and John Voohees, MD , has contributed to the research in this area since the early 1990s. Fibroblasts, the collagen-making cells, are a key substance for resilient, youthful looking skin. The report shows how they are a supporting substance.

Fibroblasts are not genetically shot,- said Voorhees. It has been proven that if we can make more collagen go in, an environment favorable to the recovery of fibroblasts and production of more collagen is established. Visible reduction of wrinkling as a result of stimulation of new collagen production with the help of collagen-enhancing treatments and supplements is confirmed by the report. Collagen synthesis is something that those of us who wish to look and feel younger must be interested in. For that reason, we should give strong consideration to any treatment or supplement that can assist in the processes of rebuilding or healing. One of the consistent and essential need recognized by producers of health food supplements is collagen supplementation.

But, non-medical collagens are not bio-available (a way of saying the body does not have a use for it). To sneak around this, some unethical practitioners provide supplements of collagen that can't be absorbed, or even hormone precursors that do nothing to stimulate collagen production. When you are young, the body can create enough natural collagen on its own to fill its needs, but age brings a decrease in production that can leave your body deprived. Deterioration of various body parts gradually follows suit. Wrinkles and unexplained pain in various joints are some of the initial signs that can be noticed. Note that I said, visible signs of aging.

The wrinkling of the skin and pain in the joint only demonstrates what is occuring externally. What happens on the inside is best left up to your imagination. Once they begin, degenerative conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia along with many other conditions involving joint pain, are relentless. There is not much that can be done for the pain or to arrest the process of degeneration. Avoid mistaking my meaning. The body often will be able to heal itself if it is provided with the proper and necessary material.

Healing starts from the inside out. And also does being young! So the only course of action is to stop the degeneration before it begins. The article in the Archives of Dermatology confirms that treatments that help stimulates the growth of new nonfragmented collagen should provide improvement to the appearance and health of aged skin. Natural Collagen Colvit is very much capable when available to the whole body as it is a new collagen supplement and nutricosmetic.

This is perfect for both men and women of all ages, from twenty-somethings to grandparents. Colvita capsules contain natural collagen in its purest active state and are encapsulated in such a way that they are esy to take and absorbs quickly. Natural Collagen Colvita capsule is formulated to be absorbed whole in the small intestine, so it is not broken down and lost before it has a chance to be of benefit. We can't really stop ageing but Colvita works to delay the signs of ageing by replenishing the body's lost collagen, if taken regularly for a certain period of time. The strength of these oral capsules to ensure that collagen reaches where needed most assists in achieving smoother skin with improved elasticity, strengthened nails and glossier hair. Increase and stimulation of body's natural collagen by Colvita helps rejuvenate natural beauty from within.

George Collagenelife is dedicated to share the importance and benefits of natural and pure collagen that has such an amazing influence on human's entire body. http://www.collagenelife.com May 2008 issue of Archives of Dermatology http://www.collagenelife.com/colvita.html

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