Natural Skin Care Tips

Skin is the body's mirror of our inner health and wellness, both physical and emotional. Skin plays a vital role in our life, how one looks and feels directly correlates to ones skin. People with skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, and psoriasis often suffer from constipation, imbalanced "good" vs.

"bad" bacteria, leaky gut, and other digestive conditions. Great skin is the first step toward an excellent makeup. Prolonged stress and poor diet can affect appearance and accelerate aging of the skin. The type of skin you have depends on your genes, sex, age, environment, structure and regeneration.

Skin cleansing is essential: pollution, grease and grime cling to the skin, clogging pores; while the body eliminates toxins through perspiration. If the cleansing process is not thoroughly undertaken, the skin will look and feel sluggish, tired and minor skin problems and irritations will transpire.Skin problems happen to everyone. They are unavoidable.They erupt nearly everyone's face at some time and seriously affect more than half of all adolescents for some years of their lives.

One factor is the major importance of diet. A diet for blemish-prone skin must be consistently high in protein and fresh raw fruit and vegetables. There are three rules to observe in the diet.

First is avoid eating chocolate and foods or drinks make with cocoa. They could be link between chocolate and skin conditions such as pimples. Second is Avoid fried and fatty foods in general.

Third is avoid starchy foods. No cakes, biscuits, sweets, bread or Jams. Skin Care Tips 1.Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

2.Cut beet root into small pieces and grind them. Squeeze juice from beet root and massage to your face for 5 minutes. Shower after 10 minutes with mild soap or gram flour. 3.Mix sandalwood powder with rose water and add 4 to 5 drops of milk in it and apply on to your face and body.

Shower after 15 minutes with warm water. 4.Mix honey in water and drink daily in the morning to keep your skin shiny and smooth.

5.Warm honey and mix with lemon juice and apply on to face. Wash after it dry.

6.Mix Turmeric, sandal powder and olive oil and apply to body. Shower after 10 minutes. 7.Massage your skin with milk. Milk has moisturizer, it will keep your skin smooth.

8.Use humidifiers and keep room temperature moderate to keep your skin away from dryness. 9.Take food which contains more A and C vitamin. 10.Grate carrot and boil.

Massage that mixture to body to get fair and smooth skin. 11.Mix milk and lemon juice.

The milk will break as soon as you mix the lemon juice in it. Use that mixture to massage on your body. It works as natural bleaching.

12.Mix turmeric and cream on the top of milk, massage that mixture to body. 13.

Massage mustard oil to your skin for 5 minutes and have shower with gram flour or mild soap. 14.Mix cream on the top of milk and all-purpose flour and apply that paste on to your skin avoid eyes, eyebrows and lips.

Shower after 5 minutes. This will make skin smooth. 15.Mix curds (yogurt) with wheat flour and apply to your skin and take shower after 5 minutes.

16.Grind rose petals and mix with cream on the top of milk and apply to your body. Shower after 10 minutes.

17.avoid pus and rashes, eat plenty of sprouts, alfalfa, barley, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries and figs. 18.Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables-while avoiding oily and spicy food and go easy on sweets-that's for those who have a smooth tooth. 19.

Mix a tablespoon of rice flour with 2 tablespoons curd. This is an effective cleansing milk which removes stale makeup and cleans open pores. 20.

Apply a mixture of fenugreek powder and green gram powder on the unwanted hair. Let it dry and rub off.

Juliet Cohen writes articles on hair care tips and skin care tips. She also writes articles on makeup tips.

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