Organic Skin Care What Are You Putting on Your Face

Reading labels on organic skin care products can be just as confusing as reading ingredients for non-organic products. This list has been compiled to help you understand what each ingredient does for your skin. Almond Oil: moisturizing and rich in protein Aloe Vera Gel: very soothing, antibacterial, promotes exceptional healing, stimulates new cell growth, and inhibits the body from releasing thromboxane (which causes permanent scarring in certain conditions such as burns), making it excellent for treatment of open wounds, burns, and acne as well as a multitude of other conditions Apricot Oil: has anti inflammatory properties, soothes, and provides moisture Apricot Kernel Meal: used for exfoliation Arrowroot Powder: used for thickening and stabilizing organic skin care formulas Avocado Oil: moisturizes, and is full of essential nutrients making it good for anti aging products Baking Soda: AKA Sodium Bicarbonate, stabilizes pH and is also used to enhance texture in organic skin care formulas Borax Powder: AKA Sodium Borate, natural preservative, emulsifier, and buffering agent for organic skin care formulas Beeswax: antibacterial and anti aging properties to some extent Benzoin: helps chapping, promotes healing in lesions Bergamot: promotes healing in acne by helping reduce excess oil and reducing bacteria Carnauba Wax: very hard wax, making it good for lipstick Carrot Seed Oil: promotes skin rejuvenation and balances oil production Castor Oil: moisturizing properties Chamomile: helpful for people with skin disorders and other rashes because of its anti inflammatory properties, soothes open wounds and burns Coarse Sea Salt: used as a exfoliate Cocoa Butter: moisturizer and skin softener Coconut Oil: moisturizes and protects skin Dead Sea Salt: moist sea salt taken from the Dead Sea, used in exfoliates Elemi: promotes skin rejuvenation, making it good for anti aging organic skin care products, also promotes healing of rashes and chapped skin Frankincense: promotes skin rejuvenation and tones tissue, making it good for anti aging organic skin care products Geranium: promotes quick healing and balances oil production, making it good for either extreme skin condition (dry or oily) Grapefruit: reduces excess oil, making it good for treatment of acne Grape Seed Oil: excellent organic preservative as well as providing essential nutrients Jasmine: calms and moisturizes, making it good for overly sensitive, dry skin Jojoba Oil: provides excellent absorption because it is so much like sebum, making it excellent for moisturizing Juniper: reduces excess oil and pulls toxins from skin, making it good for treating acne Lanolin: most like sebum, but may cause allergic reactions Kaolin Clay: mild clay used in masks Lavender: has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, promotes skin rejuvenation, calms irritation, and reduces inflammation, making it good for skin disorders, insect bites, sunburn, burns, boils, and helping to diminish scars Lecithin: preservative and emulsifier in organic skin care formulas Lemon: incredible healing qualities because it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and astringent Lemon Myrtle: healing qualities because it is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral Lemongrass: healing qualities because it is antibacterial and antiseptic Lime: tightens, tones, and reduces excess oil Mandarin: has antiseptic qualities and tightens skin Macadamia Nut Oil: moisturizes and is an anti-oxidant, making it good for all skin types Myrrh: has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiseptic qualities, promotes skin rejuvenation, and moisturizes, making it good for a number of skin conditions, including chapping, skin disorders, and healing deep cracking Neroli: promotes skin rejuvenation by stimulating new cell growth, making it good for a multitude of skin conditions Olive Oil: has moisturizing properties Orange: reduces excess oils making it good in acne treatment Patchouli: has antifungal, anti inflammatory, and antiseptic properties and promotes new cell growth making it useful in a number of skin conditions Petitgrain: helps clear irritated skin Rice Bran Oil: has natural sun protection properties and provides vitamin E Rose: helps reduce thread veins, promotes skin rejuvenation Rosehip Seed Oil: reduces inflammation and irritation and has anti aging properties Rosewood: provides slight pain relief and stimulates the immune system Shea Butter: has moisturizing properties Spearmint: antiseptic properties Stearic Acid: emulsifier in organic skin care formulas Tea Tree: promotes healing in infected wounds because it has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, making it good for a larger array of conditions, especially good for conditions to do with feet Vegetable Glycerin: has moisturizing properties Vitamin E Oil: anti oxidant which also acts as a preservative Wheat Germ Oil: anti oxidant, moisturizer, and provides essential vitamins Witch Hazel Extract: antiseptic and astringent properties Ylang Ylang: balances oil production, making it good for either extreme skin condition (dry or oily) Zinc Oxide: extremely effective sun protection qualities.

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