Paved In Gold

A thing of beauty is joy forever said John Keats. Beauty attracts human like a magnetic field. Jewels have long been the most alluring ornamental force for women and even men.

Kings and queens, emperors and their wives clad themselves with heavy gold. Somehow gold has always been preferred over other elements. Diamonds hold a secondary place when it comes to wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Although it can't be denied that this drift is more relatable to the Asians. Europeans are inclined toward white gold and diamonds.

There was a time when people wore pure heavy gold jewelry. It was a symbol of the rich. Brooches made of gold with convoluted designs where a must on the women gowns during balls and other occasions. The use of white gold is comparatively lesser than yellow gold because it is relatively expensive. Weighty gold earrings and necklaces plus the anklets are worn on weddings.

Not only the bride is adorned with gold jewels but every woman in the wedding room has something or the other around her neck or wrists and fingers. Nothing short of gold tends to give a sense of completion. Today's gold jewelry is it not heavy and purely original any longer.

The economies of the world now face a shortage of supply of resources that embraces every single criterion. Technological changes have placed its print even on ornaments. Gold jewelry once shaped into a necklace or ring manually passed on to generations. Now the inheritors simply get those jewels remade according to the trend.

A 24 carat gold set is melted and remade occasionally. That reduces its value double fold down to 13 or 12 carat only. A single gold bracelet can now give a woman two pairs of gold earrings.

A conventionally smart transaction! Gold is assorted with other metals in order to make it light weight and economical. Besides this factor plain gold jewelry has become obsolete. Necklaces and rings made out of gold are decorated and embodied with beads, pearls, emeralds and stones.

Another feat of jewelers is gold platted jewelry, making gold affordable. Most gold jewelry patterns are machine made and designs repeated. What the present world is doing with gold jewelry makes a person think, all that glitters definitely isn't gold. But at least it helps self and status conscious people in showing the world, they too can afford to wear gold.

Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including Jewelry, Society, and Beauty

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