Plastic Surgery Can Raise YourSalary

Your plastic surgeon could be more responsible for giving you a big raise than your boss.

A recent University of Texas study indicates that both men and women who are above average in the looks department generally receive higher pay raises while those who are considered less attractive generally make less money in the business world. This study seems to confirm the idea that looking good really is more important than ever if you want to get ahead in life.

Many plastic surgeons rely on testimony by past patients endorsing the surgeons skills and how much better life is after the person chose to have cosmetic surgery.

These endorsements often mention feeling more confident, meeting more people, having more dates and even being more successful in business. Those these examples are all anecdotal it would appear that many may actually be true.

Roosevelt University professor and lookism expert Dr. Gordon L. Patzer endorses this view whole-heartedly.

He is the founder of the Appearance Phenomenon Institute which is dedicating to learning about and increasing awareness of how physical appearance effects our actions and lives. His research and books examine study after study which show again and again that looks do indeed matter!

But not everyone agrees that exterior physical beauty necessarily means youll make more money. Some argue that simply increasing your confidence will improve how you approach life and define success.

Critics of the idea of lookism point to a different reason for the supposed success that comes after working with a plastic surgeon. These critics point out that if youve spent a lot of time and money researching and working with plastic surgeons that you will definately feel better about yourself simply because youve put so much value in changing your appearance.

If you have increased confidence due to your improved physical appearance then that will surely show itself in your encounters with personal friends and business partners.

What does all this mean for you?

While a preference for natural beauty and higher physical attractiveness might be encoded in our very genetics, it is refreshing to know that in todays day and age there are many ways we can improve our personal appearance.

Even if you arent born with perfect skin or the right kind of nose or have a physical blemish that you feel is holding you back you can get help! Cosmetic and plastic surgeons can now offer procedures and solutions which were not even imaginable ten years ago.

In other words: cosmetic and plastic surgery can be seen as a possible way to improve your appearance which can then lead to improvements in other areas of your life.

When you begin looking for a plastic surgeon youll need to keep in mind that though the pricetag on the procedure may be high, you could end up receiving back a hundred times more benefits in the years to come!


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