Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing A Diamond

Diamonds have long been used in fine jewelry designs and are treasured today, especially in our most coveted type of jewelry - the engagement ring. This precious gem is expensive, and there are many things to consider before buying any type of diamond jewelry. Here are 10 things you should think about before purchasing a diamond: 1. Finances. Before you buy a diamond, think about if you really can afford it.

Even though every man wants to buy his fiance a 5 carat diamond ring, it would be unwise to charge it on his credit card if he does not have the means to pay for it. 2. Determine the kind of diamond that he or she wants to purchase. Is a small one ok, or is it size you are going for? Remember a smaller diamond of better quality may be worth more than a larger diamond of less quality.

3. Choose the store. To be sure that you are getting what you pay for, it would be best if one purchases their diamonds from known dealers of gemstone jewelry. Since online purchases for diamonds are available, check first if they are real dealers. 4. Certification.

Real diamonds are certified. Make sure to look for a certificate before buying one. 5. Determine the carat of preferred diamond to be purchased. Most jewelry stores offer the most sought-after carat, from 0.

5 to 2 carat ones. Also they are priced according to such standards. 6. Determine the color grade. If one wants to purchase a bigger diamond at a much lesser price, one only has to choose those that have much lower color grades.

7. One or several stoned ring. A 1.5 carat solitaire diamond is more expensive than another one that has 6 stones at 0.25 carat each. This is due to the fact that larger diamonds are much harder to find.

8. The shape. Diamonds are cut in square, marquises, oval or pear shaped ones.

The last three shapes are the ones that make a diamond look much larger than it actually is. 9. Choose the color.

A colorless diamond is much more expensive than one that has slight colorations. Some prefer slight colorations to give it a more subtle touch of flair. 10. In the end, what really makes a purchase satisfying depends on ones standards. If an individual would be much happier with a 0.

5 carat diamond than a 5 carat one (for the simplists), go ahead purchase one, even if he or she can afford 5 carat ones.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.artisan-jewelry-online.com where you can learn more about jewelry of all types as well as what to look for when buying a diamond.

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