Tips to Eliminating Womens Facial Hair

Unlike some men, who relish a bushy beard or a fashionable moustache, most women do not want to make decisions about styling facial hair. In fact, they do not want to think about it at all. Lip, chin, or cheek fuzziness is not considered a female attribute in our society, which is why many cosmetic manufacturers ardently work to create useful hair removal products. These can vary from sharp razors to soft creams, but all have the same goal of trying to remove hair shafts and follicles that grow in unwanted places on the female face.

Over the ages and across many cultures, women have tried many methods of hair removal, some of which have proven more effective than others. Here is a rundown on some of the ways you may want to try or recommend if you, or someone you know, is struggling with this problem. 1.

Pluck out unwanted hair with tweezers. Since females use tweezers to shape their eyebrows and sometimes remove unwanted nose hair, they also may try to pull out those fine, dark hairs over the top lip or sprouting on the chin. Sometimes they explore around the ear area, too, in search of fine hair growing downward as though to simulate a shadowy beard.

These are hard to grasp individually, so tweezers work best for individual long hairs or those that can be more readily visualized around the lips. 2. Try a depilatory cream. By following the product directions carefully, you can get rid of visible unwanted facial hair in most areas. Just be careful about using these products around the eyes. You may have to apply the cream over several days' or weeks' time to see consistent results.

3. Experiment with hair bleaching products. If you can't remove the hair or don't like the idea of peach fuzz or stubble, you can try a bleaching cream, though you may have to experiment on small, hidden areas of your face first to be sure you don't lighten too much the areas where the hair is located. As with other chemical products, be careful when using it around the eyes on the brow areas. 4.

Sharpen your razor. Use a steel or plastic razor, preferably one made for women, to scrape away surface hairs around the mouth, on the chin, and over the cheeks. The down side to this method is you may have to keep doing it, since a razor doesn't get at the hair follicle, which will continue to grow.

You also may feel a light stubble if you have a lot of facial hair that needs to be removed, as some women with special conditions do. 5. Cover it with cosmetics.

If all else fails, apply enough natural-looking foundation to cover any mild hair growth so others can't see it. You also can get electrolysis for hair removal, which may be permanent or require repeat visits. Contact a local doctor or a plastic surgeon for more information, or visit online websites for details.

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