Try Laser Treatments to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are not just mere marks on the skin. They are, in fact, scars. These marks are the results of the skin overstretching. When this happens, the collagen that keeps the skin elastic and supple is disrupted in its production.

When the collagen is no longer sufficient to help the skin stretch, red or purple lines appear. Over time, the lines fade to a light color, a color that is usually lighter than the surrounding skin. These are what are called stretch marks.

Stretch marks are commonly associated with bodybuilding, pregnancy, and obesity. All of these are things that can cause the skin to stretch. Many people feel embarrassed by their stretch marks, and look for ways to get rid of them. Treatments that include Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter have been around for years, helping to stimulate collagen production and reduce the look of scars. Now, however, a new method of treating stretch marks is becoming more popular: laser treatment.

Laser treatment has become popular for a variety of uses related to beauty. Hair removal, age spot reduction, acne reduction, and wrinkle removal are all ways in which lasers can be used to enhance the way the skin looks. Lasers can also be used to reduce the appearance of, or even remove altogether, stretch marks.

The laser works by causing the scarred skin to slough off but removing the top payer. The heat of the laser causes a small, pinpointed "burn" which is then healed over by new, young, elastic skin. Because lasers are so concentrated and accurate now, it is often possible to target only the affected areas, without damaging the healthy skin surrounding the stretch mark. While laser treatments for stretch marks are generally painless, there are some side effects possible. Usually these side effects are no more than a little redness around the affected area. The redness usually disappears in two to three days.

Other side effects may include some swelling and a little soreness. If your side effects are beyond just a little annoying, and if they persist beyond a couple of days, you should probably see your doctor in order to make sure that you did not have an adverse reaction to the laser. Many dermatologists are adding some sort of laser treatment to their practices, as such lasers are becoming more and more popular ways to treat a variety of cosmetic ailments. They are non-invasive, and the treatments can be done in a short period of time, although removing some stretch marks may require three or four half hour visits.

Additionally, the low occurrence of discomfort adds to the conveniences associated with laser treatments. It is possible to have your stretch marks removed. You can try more traditional treatments, or you can take advantage of what technology has to offer in the way of laser treatment. In any case, it is possible to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and feel more confident.

All you have to know is where to look for treatment.

Find out more about what you can do about stretch marks by visiting our Web site at Stretch Mark Tips

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