Types of Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the most popular jewelry accessories available today. A wide variety of stylish necklaces can be found at Dreamland Jewelry. Necklaces can be found that fit every budget and style, and are often worn by people on a daily basis. Necklaces add a touch of style and personality to any outfit, especially when you mix and match to create your own look. Silver cross necklaces have become one of the most popular styles of necklaces.

Silver necklaces vary in quality. For high quality silver necklace, be sure look for a small stamp on the necklace clasp. Many people like silver cross necklaces not only because of the religious significance but also because cross necklaces have become a popular fashion accessory. Gold cross necklaces are also a great fashion accessory. Gold cross necklaces make a great gift for both men and women, especially for special occasions such as graduation or baptism ceremonies. The gold cross can be as small or large as you like, and may feature engravings or other embellishments that accentuate the necklace.

Similarly, silver heart necklaces are a great gift for the women in your life, or as a simple way to add variety to your own accessory collection. Silver heart necklaces can feature gemstones, and a favorite of all mothers is the heart necklace that features the birthstones of her children. Silver hearts can also feature designs, like Celtic knots or other filigree patterns. Necklaces are popular accessories for both men and women. Men's necklaces are often thicker than women's, but offer many of the same styles and embellishments as women's necklaces.

Men's necklaces are available in silver, gold or platinum among other metals. Cross necklaces are also popular men's accessories, and can be found featuring leather or cord rather than metal chains. One of the most popular necklaces is the traditional thin gold chain, with an added pendant of your choice. Gold necklaces vary in quality; inexpensive gold plated necklaces are often sold for fewer than twenty dollars, while 24 karat gold necklaces can be rather costly.

Sterling silver necklaces are also a great traditional accessory. Sterling silver is usually made of over ninety-seven percent silver, with other metals added to improve the metals hardness. Sterling silver is also only a fraction of the cost of gold, but is just as beautiful.

Traditional ethnic silver necklaces are also a great gift to a loved one, or on a special occasion. Many tribal designs have become extremely popular, especially in sterling silver. Sterling silver ethnic necklaces are often handcrafted for a one of a kind, classic look that can be worn every day to accentuate your favorite styles.

Floating necklaces are also a great fashion accessory. Many people love the look of floating necklaces, which appear to be a simple jewel or character that "floats". The charm is actually connected to a clear, plastic necklace that clasps in the back. Floating necklaces are great when you want a minimal amount of jewelry, but still like just a touch of flash to spice up you outfit. Hemp and other woven necklaces are also a popular way to add a unique flair to your personal style. These types of necklaces are typically very inexpensive, and can be worn on a daily basis without worrying about losing them.

Woven necklaces come in a huge selection of styles and colors, and can be made to match any outfit.

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