Why does the necklace length include the clasp

Jewelers know the necklace length includes the clasp.
But some people have doubts with the length of the pearl necklace when they arrive home and measure the necklace they??ve just bought. They often find that the length is shorter than its claimed.

How come this problem happens so often? It makes many people feel disappointed and may lead them to the thought that most jewelers are not honest.

Its actually a professional measurement used in jewelry industry, so this is a common mistake that everybody may make. When you measure the length of a pearl necklace, you should include the clasp. Thats why you feel sad reading the number when you only measure the length of the pearl strand.

You may ask why the measurement should include the clasp, and its a good question!

When you see a picture of some necklaces of different length around a woman??s neck on many online jewelry stores, can you imagine the necklaces without clasps? In fact, the effect the pearl necklaces give you is from the pearl strand plus the clasp, so when buying a pearl necklace, the necklace length you choose includes the length of the pearl strand and the clasp. Isn??t it plain to see?


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